Classes, Workshops & Retreats

I facilitate classes, workshops, retreats as well as couple- and group-sessions in Thai Yoga massage, Ritual Play and Conscious relating.

Classes give the weekly practice of keeping yourself present and juicy, remembering to be in your body. The workshops offer time and space to go deeper and acquire new ways of thinking and moving. The retreats are taking time out of your everyday life to immerse yourself in a context where you can allow for a different perspective and deepening. Having a solo session is for you if are a couple or a group wanting to learn and practice together.

Get in touch in order to hear more and book private sessions on +4531363132

Ritual Play

Rituals give us a chance to move out of our everyday mind and everyday understanding of ourselves and the world, and let small gestures, as well as big emotions have a transformative power on us and the room.

Play is understood in the broadest sense of the word, as a creative impulse that can go in many directions, and can change from moment to moment. You are invited to play without goals, and practice being in an open state of curiosity.

Ritual play is a method that opens a space that can contain both deep healing, freedom to express beyond censorship and a lot of fun.

Conscious Relating and consent training

This practice offers a space to share touch, allow wordless connection and letting the bodies speak, while deepening the ability of staying within our own consent. Through exercises inspired from bodywork, theatre, intimacy work, and ritualised play spaces we investigate what kind of touch and movement makes us connect outward and inward, and how we can allow touch to touch us deeply.

Thai Yoga Massage

is learning how to bring energy and flow into the body using your own body in full participation. You learn about anatomy, bio-mechanics, points of leverage and connected touch in order to be able to move the other while staying in contact with your own body. Through the practice, you can develop an intuitive attitude to touch, as well as acquiring specific techniques and sequences.