Classes, Workshops & Retreats

I teach classes, workshops, retreats and solo-sessions

Classes give the weekly practice of keeping yourself present and juicy, remembering to come back to touch. The workshops offer time and space to go deeper and acquire new ways of thinking and moving. The retreats are taking time out of your everyday life to immerse yourself in a context where you can allow for a different perspective and deepening. Having a solo session is for you if are a couple or a group wanting to learn and practice together.


is the practice of connecting through body, breath and focus.

Conscious Relating

offers a space to share touch, allow wordless connection and letting the bodies speak. Through exercises inspired from bodywork, theatre, intimacy work, and ritualised play spaces we investigate what kind of touch and movement makes us connect outward and inward, and how we can allow touch to touch us deeply.

Thai Yoga Massage

is learning how to bring energy and flow into the body using your own body in full participation. Through the practice, you can develop an intuitive attitude to touch, as well as acquiring specific techniques and sequences.